How to Eliminate White Edges in Photopea

If we cut out a person or subject from a picture, there are always white edges. Now it’s up to you how you can get rid of those white edges. If you want to remove them manually, that will take a lot of time and Afford, or you can utilize the photopea modification features.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to get rid of white edges in photopea. We will use an easy method for removing white edges. Okay, let’s get started.

First, open a png image that has white edges to do that go to file and click open, and select png picture.

Right now we don’t see white edges so we need a black background to see the white edges to do that go to the adjustment layers and select color fill.

Now a color picker window will appear. Now Select black color by dragging the circle at the end of the color window or you type zero six-time ‘000000‘ at the hex value of the color picker and click ok.

Now a color fill adjustment layer will be created drag it below the png picture.

Now press hold ctrl and click on the png image layer and a selection around your picture will appear.

Now go to the menu bar and click on select now hover the mouse cursor to modify and select feather and a feather window will appear.

Now type ‘2′ pixels in feather value and click ok.

Now select your image and create a raster mask by going to the bottom right corner and clicking on the raster mask icon.

Now if the white edges do not eliminate yet then delete the mask by right-clicking on it and selecting delete raster mask and repeat the same step we did previously this time increasing the feather value and seeing what value works for your image.

For me, feather value ‘4‘ works just fine.

Now for those parts of the image where white edges are still visible, we have to manually remove them so select the raster mask and go to the toolbar, and select brush tool.

Now change the color to black and select a soft brush.

Now press hold ctrl+alt+mouse scroll to zoom in and now use a brush for the white parts of the image. Now if you miss brushing something in the image then switch color to white and use a brush for that part.

Now after you have done right click on the image layer and convert it into a smart object.

Now press holds the ctrl and select image and goto select and hover cursor to modify and select contract and a window will appear.

Now type ‘1‘ in contract value and click ok and create a raster mask.

We use the contract to eliminate soft edges of the image if you don’t want to remove soft edges in your image then you can skip this part.

I hope you learn about eliminating white edges in Photopea – please share your feedback in the comments.

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