How to Edit Text or Titles in DaVinci resolve

Text is a form of information or a message that connects to viewers. In order to connect to people, you must write something that speaks to them.

As a text speaks to people, it must also be legible, readable, and appealing to the eye. Its font, color, and appearance also matter. As a beginner, a person cannot simply open software and start editing. One must learn how to edit in that particular software.

Hence, if you are a beginner and wish to learn how to edit text, you have found the right place. This tutorial will show you how to change the font size, color, and other details of a text in Davinci resolve 17, so without wasting any time, let’s get started.

How to change title text/how to change the text?

First, go to the edit page and enable the effects library and go to the titles folder from the toolbar. Now drag text+ from the titles folder and drop it in the timeline.

Now select the text layer and go to the inspector and change the text.

How to change the font style?

Now as you notice a font is written in text edit in the inspector. Besides it a drop-down menu is available. Now click on it and you can hover your mouse through different fonts and you can view their preview while you hover your mouse on a font. Now select a font.

Now below the font style, you can change its appearance. Just click on it and select a look.

How to change the text color?

Now click on color picker in-text inspector. Now click on the color picker window to select a color and you can change its brightness from the right slider in the color picker. You can also type a color value in HTML in color picker to select a color and once you are done click ok.

How to change the font size?

Now scroll down in text inspector below color picker a size slider is available. Now you can change the font size by changing the slider or you can type a value besides the size slider.

How to change line spacing and tracking?

Below the size slider tracking and line spacing slider are available. Now you can add spacing between characters by changing the slider of tracking.

Now if you want to add line spacing then you need to change the line spacing slider or type a value in the line spacing slider.

How to underline and strike out text?

Now scroll down at the end in text inspector. Now if you want to strikeout text then click on the left ‘T

and if you want to underline the text then click on right ‘T‘.

How to change text opacity?

Now go to the settings of the text layer in the inspector and scroll down to composite mode. Now if you want to change text opacity then you can use the opacity slider in composite mode.


In this example, I will make changes that we learned previously and some other changes. For this example, I drag and drop jitter text in the timeline from the titles folder from the toolbox. Now select the text layer and change text and color, size and etc. Now scroll down at the end and unhide jitter edge.

Now for this text jitter edge is available but every animated text in the titles folder had its own effects control sliders.

Now in jitter edge, you can change the color and speed of edges.

So if you want to change other animated text available in the titles folder just select the text and scroll down at the end in the inspector and change their additional option/sliders to customize that text.

so I hope you learn something new today if you followed this tutorial then you can edit any text in Davinci resolve whether it is animated or a simple text.

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