How to Edit Audio in DaVinci Resolve 17 – All You Need to Know

If the audio quality of a video is not good, or if it has not been edited enough, people will skip that video no matter how awesome the video graphics are. You can use the microphone on your phone for recording audio instead of a professional mic.

No matter how expensive your microphone is, it is a waste of money if you can’t edit your audio. You must learn how to edit audio first. Currently, there are many video editing software packages that can edit audio correctly, and DaVinci resolve is one of them.

If you are new to DaVinci resolve and don’t know how to edit audio, then you’ve come to the right place. This tutorial will learn everything you need to know about editing audio. So let’s get started.

How to import audio

There are two methods of importing audio in DaVinci resolve:

Method NO.1

First, go to the edit page and enable the media pool by left-clicking on it.
Now right click on media pool and select import media or use the keyboard shortcut ‘ctrl+I‘.

Now select an audio file to import in DaVinci resolve.

Method NO.2

Now for this method simply select your audio file and drag and drop it in the media pool or in the edit page timeline.

How to add audio to video

To add audio to the video just drag and drop an audio file in the edit page timeline.

How to sync audio and video

To sync audio and video first you need the same audio file that your video has.

Now drag and drop the audio file below your video audio track. When you drop the audio file below the video audio track then it will automatically create a new audio track.

Now select your audio files and right-click on them and hover the mouse cursor to auto-align clips and then select based on the waveform.

and it will sync your audio file to the video if they both have the same audio file.

How to cut audio or split audio and video

To split audio and video select blade edit mode. Now a blade icon will replace your mouse cursor. Now you can add a cut in anywhere of your video or audio.

How to link audio and video or attach audio to video

To link audio to video first enable linked selection by left-clicking on it or using the keyboard shortcut ‘ctrl+shift+l‘.

And if your audio is not still attached to the video then select audio and video files and right-click on them and select the new compound clip and click on create and it will attach your audio to video.

It only happened when you have a different audio file from the video audio track.

How to separate video and audio or detach audio

To detach audio from video or separate video and audio first disable linked selection if it is enabled. Now you can select individually audio and video.

How to remove audio from video or remove audio from a clip

First, unlinked audio from the video by disabling linked selection

and select your audio and press the ‘backspace‘ key on the keyboard or right-click on an audio file and select delete selected and it will remove the audio file from the video.

How to mute audio

First, select the audio and go to the inspector. Now go in the volume setting and type ‘-100‘ in volume or select the slider and drag it to the left side at the end of the slider.

Or unlinked audio file by disabling linked selection and selecting an audio file and pressing ‘D‘ on the keyboard to mute audio.

How to make audio fade

How to fade in audio

To make an audio fade in first hover the mouse cursor on audio and two-point will appear at the top edges of the audio file.

Now click hold the left top side point of the audio and drag it to the right side to fade in the audio. You can drag it as far as you can according to the duration of the audio.

You can also select the audio ‘DB point‘ and drag it to the right side or left side to adjust the audio ‘DB volume‘.

How to fade out audio

Now select the top-right edge point of the audio file and click hold and drag it to the left side to make an audio fade out as I mentioned before you can increase fade length according to the audio duration.

You can also select the audio ‘DB point‘ and drag it to the right side or left side to adjust the audio ‘DB volume‘.

How to speed up or slow down audio

Speed up audio

To change audio speed first right-click on audio and select change clip speed and a window will appear.

Now to speed up audio increase the speed and click on change.

Slow down audio

To slow the audio right-click on audio and select change clip speed

Now change the speed below ‘100%‘ to slow down audio and click on change.

How to clean up audio

First, import audio and go to the Fairlight page and right-click on the audio track, and change track type to ‘mono‘.

Now enable effects library and search for noise reduction and drag & drop noise reduction on audio. Now a noise reduction window will appear. Now you can select a profile from the top left corner according to your audio you can switch to another profile to see for yourself which profile works better for your audio.

For this tutorial, I’m selecting de-rumble and hiss and now cross this window and the effect will be applied to your audio.

So if you followed these steps then you can now edit your audio easily in Davinci resolve.

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