How to Draw Smooth Lines in Photopea

When we need to represent something, we sometimes have to draw or write it in our handwriting instead of typing.

Photopea and Photoshop aren’t able to draw smoothly by default, so many artists have difficulty drawing or writing smooth

This tutorial was prepared for the beginner who doesn’t even know how to use photopea. It explains not only how to draw smooth lines, but also how to use the brush tool.

With the brush tool, you can write and draw in photopea.

So if you want to learn how to draw/write smooth lines in photopea, then let’s get started.

Brush Tool Properties

Before we get into how to draw or write smoothly first we need to know about brush properties for better understanding.

First, create a new project using the keyboard shortcut ‘alt+ctrl+n‘ change resolution if you want and then press enter or click on create.

Now select the brush tool from the toolbar or use keyboard shortcut ‘b‘ and you can change color from the color picker at the end of the toolbar.

When you select the brush tool its properties then appear below the menu bar. Now click on the brush properties icon.

Now you can increase or decrease brush size and hardness from the sliders.

You can also select brush type from below.

Now there are different types of brushes here including hard brushes, soft brushes, markers, etc.

Soft brush
When you draw something with a soft brush its adds softness at the edges of the drawing.

Hard brush
When you draw with a hard brush it adds hardness to the drawing.

When you draw with a marker it works exactly the same as the real-life marker works.
These were the brushes type that is used the most in photopea.

Now you can change brush blend mode beside the brush properties. And you can decrease or increase its opacity, flow, and smoothness.

Now if you notice I have demonstrated below what will happen if you decrease the opacity of the brush.

Decreasing the flow adds a softness to the brush drawing.

Now when you decrease the smoothness of the brush it draws smoothly.

Draw Smooth Lines Example

First, create a new project just go to file from the menu bar and select new and then click on create.

Now click on the adjustment layer icon and select gradient fill.

Now click on gradient map and gradient editor will appear. Now select the first point and click on its color picker and change color to ‘ff00fb‘ just copy this value and paste it in hex in the color picker and click OK.

Now select the second point and select its color picker and change its color to ‘ff9d00‘ copy and paste this value in hex in the color picker and click OK.

Now change the angle to ‘7‘ and scale to ‘145%‘ and off x to ‘11%‘.

Now convert gradient fill to smart object just click click on gradient fill and select convert to smart object.

Now select the filter from the menu bar and select noise and a drop-down menu will appear and then select add noise.

Now change the noise amount to ‘8%‘ and then click OK.

Now create a new layer just click on the new layer icon and it will create a new transparent layer.

And now change its blend mode to overlay.

Now select the brush tool and select a hard brush and change smoothness to ‘100%

Now you can draw whatever you want.

If you followed this tutorial, you should now be able to draw smooth lines in photopea.

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